Thursday, December 31, 2015

a review of 2015...

It's amazing to me that 2015 is hours away from being over.  This year I decided to do a year in review post and just spent four hours reading old blog posts.  It makes me so glad I blog and motivates me to blog more.  So for this year I thought I'd post my favorite posts and pictures.  In some cases the pictures go with a post and in others, it's just the picture that I love. So here's some memories of 2015!

I love starting my year (every year) off celebrating our sweet and loving middle child, Luke.  

This post about the orange dump truck that Grace played with every day when we were at the feeding clinic at the Hershey Medical Center, is one of my favorites.

One of the highlights of our year was adopting our puppies, Kenzie and Parker.

The beach is my / our happy place, so of course I had to pick some beach pictures from our week in Nags Head with Mark's family.

Our forth year going to Joni and Friends Family Camp was such a great experience for our whole family and these two boys were a large part of that experience. 
 This picture is from my family's photo shoot, which was on Grace's 8th family day.
I dream of having a screened in porch but for now we created this outdoor space.

I love this picture of John from a day at the river with friends.  I'm trying to shoot more pictures in manual and my friend Bri was helping me with settings that day.

This picture is from our beach trip for my birthday.  We had SO much fun, it was nice to get away together.

John started middle school this year and this picture is from the middle school paint wars with the middle school youth group at our church.
I love this picture because of the friendship between these two that it represents.  It also shows how warm our weather has been this year.  This was taken in November and it really was warm enough for them to wear shorts.

My trip to Hong Kong and China with my friend Gretchen to visit our friend Beth was most definitely a highlight of my year!    part 1 and part 2

Grace hanging her ornament on the tree, and looking like she knows I'm taking her picture is sweet.

There are so many more I wanted to add but I thought I'd limit it to fifteen pictures.  I hope that you had an amazing 2015 and are looking expectantly towards all that 2016 will hold.  We are just going to chill this year and ring in the New Year as a family.   Happy New Year!


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