Monday, October 5, 2015

birthday weekend get away...

Last weekend, my husband and I were able to go to the beach by ourselves.  Alone.  Without kids.  For three days and two nights and it was everything I wanted it to be and more.   Mark and I are both beach people and we live within 2 hours of the beach, so it was easy to decide where to go. 

I literally started planning this weekend in January.  It's important to us after 16 years of marriage to continue to sow into our marriage.  We know that in order to have a strong marriage, we need to spend time together alone.  Since we don't have family that is able to easily help us for more than an overnight and I really wanted to be away for two, we started asking everyone we knew if they knew anyone that could watch our kids for us.  We found someone who was willing to help us out and seemed to mesh well with our family.  I confirmed in June that she was good for this weekend and was able to handle the puppies too. 

I joked with Mark when we adopted the puppies in April, that there went our weekends away.  But in reality, it's not the puppies that concern most people about watching our kids, it's Grace and her special needs.  But we were blessed to find a young woman from our church who not only works with special needs kids but likes dogs. 

I told Mark that this birthday was making me feel like I was having a mid-life crisis.  But not in a bad way, more like I have this strong desire to do stuff.  I want adventure and to experience new things.  I also want to travel but that's not in the cards for us as a family right now.  With that in mind, I asked him if he would go Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) with me.  He easily agreed, so I booked it for the Saturday we were going to be at the beach.  The company called and said that Saturday's weather looked bad and rescheduled us for Friday.  I'm so glad they did, it was too windy and cold to go on Saturday.

It turned out to be just Mark and I and the guide on our SUP excursion.  He gave us some instructions on land and then we boarded our boards.  My biggest concern was falling into the water.  The canal was only 3-4 feet deep, so it wasn't because of the water.  It was more because I, pridefully, didn't want to fall off my board.  This caused me to clench my feet on the board, which made them ache something awful by the time we got half way.  But overall it was really fun.  Once we made the turn and I was able to stand up again on the board I was able to relax a little bit.  I think it would be fun to go again.

The weekend weather wasn't that great, it was windy and cold so we were unable to sit on the beach and read.  But we were able to walk around the town and do some shopping.  I even picked out a new house for us.  It should be ready soon...

It was awesome to sneak away with my sweetie and get some us time. We ate in restaurants that we wouldn't take our kids to and took naps in our hotel during the day.  I can't wait to get away again with him.


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