Monday, April 20, 2015

puppy love...

So, we added to our family again.  We adopted Kenzie (all black) and Parker (black & white) from an animal rescue farm near our house.  The boys had been begging for years.  They even launched a letter writing campaign to try and get us to get them a dog.

Mark and I both grew up with dogs so we weren't necessarily opposed to it.  We kept telling the boys, we had to wait for the time to be right for our family.  We even looked into therapy dogs for Grace, but she didn't qualify because she has no diagnosis.  One play offered home companion dogs but the process took sometimes as long as 18 months.
Lately, the begging had been amped up and was verging on relentless.  So Mark and I talked about getting a rescue lab from the same agency that placed my sister's dog.  He said if we're not going to get a dog trained for Grace, let's just get a puppy.  Then he said, maybe it would be good to get two so they could play with each other.  We said, how hard can two puppies be...

The boys were beyond excited.  John immediately got on line and found a dog he wanted.  We applied to that rescue for the dog and then we found a puppy at a different rescue.  So we applied for that too.  Well, we heard back about the puppy and went to the farm last Thursday.  Obviously, we came home with two puppies.  It was terribly difficult to choose just two.  They are border collie mixes from the same litter but may have different dads, say whaat?!?

We love them so much already.  The first night, they didn't sleep well but have been sleeping great since then.  We have them crated in our bedroom until they are potty trained and then the boys want them to sleep in their rooms.  I'm totally okay with that.

We feel that if we are going to have dogs they should be a big part of our family.  Including sleeping with the kids.  We are not doing so well with potty training but it's improving.  I apologize in advance for all the puppy photos that will be a part of my blog, instagram and facebook account now.  I just can't help myself they're so cute.


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