Wednesday, March 11, 2015

week four summary...

This post on week four is a little delayed because, of the real world and my re-entry into reality.  I spent the weekend snuggling on the couch with my babes in front of a fire and trying to find all my stuff that got moved around while I was gone.

Grace finished her feeding therapy strong.  The last week was much of the same of the first three weeks, you can read those posts here, here and here.

We continued to have Grace drink from a cup and transitioned her to a regular cup from the cut out cup.  We are still holding the cup up to her mouth for her to drink and feeding her every bite of food.  We will work on Grace's self feeding and drinking skills in the future.  Right now, she is getting 7-8 ounces of liquid from a cup which is great progress.

We added several new foods to Grace's diet.  She ate sliced deli ham (lunch meat), pancakes with syrup, french toast sticks and macaroni & cheese. 


It is difficult to tell if Grace likes new foods but she is eating everything we present to her.  She will also eat anything for a dorito (just like mama!).

Overall, I would consider the feeding therapy to be a success.  I did ask for an additional week, something I never thought I'd do but I felt like we were making such good progress I wanted it to continue.  I'm concerned about transitioning Grace back to the real world and I am anticipating some regression.  Mark and the boys came up on Friday so Mark could get some experience feeding Grace and help me check out of the Ronald McDonald House.  This last week, the boys had 3 snow days and a 2 hour delay, in March.

 It was so funny because Grace ate really well for me in the session that Mark observed but she fought Mark in the session he was in charge of feeding her.  It really shows me how smart she is that she knew to fight 'the new person'.  For that reason, I think she will fight the new feeding program at school.  However, her teacher is amazing and I know they are on board with making Grace successful.
We will now be going back to Hershey for monthly follow up appointments, so they can make sure that Grace continues to progress and that we will reach all the feeding goals we have for Grace.

It's good to be back home...


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