Tuesday, March 24, 2015

real men make (and eat) quiche...

I was talking to my sister the other day about her oldest getting accepted into college.  It was unsettling because, I knew this little boy when he was born and I can't figure out how 18 years went by already.  It also made me think about my boys going off to college.  Which, I'll admit, is not happening soon.  And really, may not happen at all for Luke because he's convinced he always wants to live with me.  

I've told him that there will come a time when he will no longer want to live here and will want to venture out into the real world.  But, he can't picture that.  He refers to college as that time after high school when they make you leave your parents.  Which just tickles me.

Anyway, so as I was thinking about Joe going off to college, I decided that it was time to start teaching my boys how to plan and prepare dinner.  I really feel that it is important to equip your children to be able to thrive in the world outside your home.  This is one thing that Mark and I have talked about at length and we have always tried to teach them, about money, time management, cleaning and taking care of your belonging, just to name a few.

Since they are now 11 and 9, I thought it was a good time to teach them about planning and making dinner.  I have always baked with them.  Even when they were little and it wasn't fun for me.  So they know their way around our kitchen and a little bit about cooking.  

John fell in love with this idea and wanted to do it the next day.  I told him, that he would need to pick a menu for the meal, find a recipe, write down the ingredients needed (so I could buy them), and then cook everything.  He was jacked!  John picked ham and cheese quiche, fruit salad and brownies for dessert.

Which is a surprising meal for an 11 year old boy to pick.  But a friend delivered this meal to my family when Grace and I were away and John loved it.  I will be honest, I had never made a quiche before so I did not have a recipe for one.  But, problem solver that he is, John said  'call your mom, she has a great quiche recipe'.  Evidently, they talked about quiche because mom was here when my friend dropped off the meal.

After school, John came home and I reminded him that he wouldn't be able to play or watch TV because he was responsible for cooking our dinner.  He was still excited and wanted to keep his menu a surprise from Luke and Mark.  We read the recipe together and then he gathered all his ingredients.  He was able to prepare the whole meal with very little help from me.  I did make suggestions, like how big to dice the ham, but he did everything himself.  Since he's not quiet tall enough, I did put everything in the oven for him but that's all I did besides supervise.

He even set the table with matching plates, cloth napkins and candles.  He was so thrilled when he was able to call us all to the table.  The whole meal was a hit as evidenced by the fact that there was literally no left overs.  He can't wait to do it again.  Next time he wants to make enchiladas and rice.

Here's the recipe we used.  It's super easy and yummy.  It's a little different from the one my mom gave me because, for some reason, I just can't seem to stick to a recipe the way it is written.  I talked to John about this when he was cooking because he wanted to add more ham and less cheese.  Which I told him was fine and how it would change the taste of the final product.  He ended up putting 8 ounces of ham and about 4 ounces of cheese in his quiche.  I told him the most important thing is that he makes good food and has fun doing it.  I'm hoping to instill a love of cooking in both boys, since they already love to eat.

John's Ham and Cheese Quiche


1 pie crust
6oz ham, diced
6 oz cheese, shredded
4 eggs
1/4 cup sour cream
salt and pepper


1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Crack eggs into medium bowl, beat with whisk
3. Add sour cream to eggs, whisk to combine
4. Put diced ham and shredded cheese in bottom of pie crust
5. Pour egg mixture over ham and cheese
6. Bake for 35 minutes, check to see if it is done.  The eggs should be set and not jiggle.  Keep adding 5 minutes until it is done.

Enjoy!  And, let us know if you make this quiche. 


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