Tuesday, April 23, 2013

spring has sprung...

I realized the other day that I hardly pick up my camera anymore.  It is just easier to pull out my phone and snap some pictures of what we are doing.  And with the quality of the camera in phones these days, the pictures are usually quite good.  But I do miss using my camera.  I love the feel of holding it and framing the pictures.  So on a warm spring night last week I pulled out my big camera and snapped some pictures of the kids. 

The boys love to play outside and Grace loves, {loves}, LOVES to swing.  In fact, she will throw a good, old-fashioned hissy fit if she has to get off the swing before she wants too.  It is so funny and so typical it actually makes me laugh. 

On this particular night, the boys wanted to see who could jump the highest off the swings.  I remember doing that exact same thing with my sisters.  So here are some pictures from our backyard fun.

Then they wanted to jump together.  So they got going at the same time and were able to stay together until they got going high enough to jump together!
  They were so happy to jump at the same time.   I love how much fun they have with each other.

And sister sat on her swing watching and smiling at her boys.  She loves to be around them so much and they are really good with her.

There were also backyard races to see who was the fastest.  I abstained from racing, using my upcoming Half Marathon as an excuse.  I told them after all this training, I wasn't going to get injured in the backyard and not be able to run.  Whenever the boys race, it always leads to tears.  Luke is smaller and not as fast as John so it makes him cry to loose.  In this case, he was crying before the race even started...

The race ended up being called a tie.  Which was a great way to end our backyard fun.  We are all so happy that warm weather seems to be the norm rather than the exception around here these days...


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