Tuesday, March 19, 2013

will you help me reach my goal?

Of all the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, there is only one that I have kept.  I don't like the term New Year's Resolutions, so instead I set goals.  Maybe it's just semantics but it's what I do.  For the past few years, my goals seem to be the same every year;

To fold and put away the laundry the same day that I do it

To read my bible daily

To keep a journal or at least write down prayers and then praises when they get answered

To scrapbook my kids lives

To run a road race

To loose 5, 10, 15 pounds...

You get the idea.  Every year those same items are on my list of goals and every year I start off strong and then my inner lazy girl takes over and all progress stops.  Knowing that I am inherently lazy, I decided that in order to keep myself on track I needed accountability.  Right now I have two baskets of laundry from Saturday mocking me from the living room so it's not the laundry that I'm consistent with...

So, in a leap of faith, I signed up to run a half marathon.  Yikes!  I haven't run that far in almost 20 years.  I signed up to run through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training (TNT) program.  If you are not familiar with this program, basically they will train you to run the race you sign up for in exchange for you fundraising.

I signed up to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon in Washington, DC on April 28th.  It is the perfect race for me because it is close to home and Mark is off work that weekend.  I am 6 weeks away from my race and have been so consistent with my training it is amazing!  I am running 4-5 times a week and up to 25 miles a week.  I haven't been this consistent in a really, really long time.  It feels great to run!

The piece that I am not doing so well on is fundraising.  So, if you are inclined to help me.  Here is a link to my fundraising page.  There is also a widget on my sidebar that will take you to my fundraising page.  My boys are donating their allowance to help me reach my goal.  Please remember that every little bit helps! 

Now, I'm off to fold that laundry.  Or maybe I'll go to the library and pick up some books instead...


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