Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the american helicopter museum...

One of the best parts of being a stay at home mom, for me anyway, is going on class field trips.  I just love a field trip.  I still feel the same excitement I did as a kid.  And I love going on an adventure.  Last week I had the opportunity to go The American Helicopter Museum with Luke's class.  It was really fun!

We started our field trip with a video of all the things that helicopters do and then played a fun game with one of our tour guides.  He asked the kids to see if they could remember the names of parts of a helicopter and we 'built' a helicopter together.

Then they set us loose in the main part of the museum and we had a "scavenger hunt" to see if we could find certain helicopters based on picture clues.  The kids liked looking at all the helicopters.  But their favorite part was the helicopters they could go in.  There were about 5 set up for the kids to pretend to be the pilot and fly.  All the kids enjoyed sitting in the cockpits. 

We ended our field trip with going outside to see one of the early prototypes of the osprey helicopter.  Even though it was super cold, the kids posed for a class picture.

I think the parents learned more about helicopters than the kids but it was still a great field trip.  If you live locally and haven't been, I think it would be a great place to take the kids.  You can check out  information on visiting the museum here.  I wish I had known about this place when my boys were little it would be a great place to take kids for a few hours and then go to a park for lunch.


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