Tuesday, November 6, 2012

halloween 2012

The boys were really excited for Halloween again this year.  They debated, discussed and finally decided on their costumes early in October.  We purchased them weeks in advance and they were well-worn by Halloween night.  John was a ninja, primarily because he got a sword with his costume.  Luke was Spiderman (again and again).  Actually Luke has only ever dressed up as Spiderman, so I'm not sure why there was so much discussion on his part...

Grace wore a Spider-girl costume that was given to us by a neighbor.  She had a parade at school, which evidently parents are invited to but I didn't know that until the next day, so she got to wear her costume to school.  She stayed inside with me and "helped" hand out candy, which means she took all the candy out of the bowl and threw it on the floor laughing.

There is one house in our development that decorates (what we consider) over the top for Halloween.  They have a graveyard, skeletons in their trees, the walking dead, a coffin and much, much more.  We call it the Scary House all year round.  Luke has never been able to go up to the house to get his candy, he is just too afraid of the decorations.  So all month long, every time we passed this house Luke would ask John 'John will you go to the door and get me candy because I'm afraid' and John would answer 'Yes' every time.  This year, when they got to the house, Luke sat down in the middle of the street and refused to even get close to the house.  And John asked the guy for candy for his brother who was scared.  I just love their hearts for each other.

After the boys came home they, dumped all their candy on the floor, sorted, traded, ate as many pieces as they could in 3 minutes, and then they crashed...


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noreen said...

Love the last picture of your boys and their daddy! How sweet!