Monday, November 1, 2010

{halloween pictures}

I must confess, I'm not really all that into halloween.  Our kids dress up and go trick and treating but I'm very happy when it is over.  I'm glad I can walk into any store I want with my kids and not be concerned that they will be surprised by scary, talking and moving decorations.  And although I have fond memories of it as a kid, I could do without all the sugar in the house and the begging for candy that follows halloween.  With all that said, our kids had a great time dressing up and going door to door with the rest of the kids from our neighborhood. 

We dressed the kids up and went to John's teacher's house.  She sent home a note inviting all the kids to her house and John really wanted to go. 

spiderman (luke) and ironman (john) posing in character for the pictures

ironman up close

grace got some new 'faux uggs' and she was rocking them with her Pocahontas costume

Our friends came over and joined us for the trick and treating.  They are Sophie (a pretty witch) and Joe (a mummy, whose costume was made by my creative friend Judy).  Who just happen to be Austin's younger sister and brother, and friends from soccer and t-ball.

We were telling everyone to look at the camera and smile and Joe said, 'I don't have to smile'.  I just love it when they say things like that!  After these pictures Judy and I ran (and I mean ran) after Sophie, Joe, John and Luke.  While daddy and grace stayed home to hand out candy.  I know the kids all enjoyed themselves but we now have 26 pounds of candy to eat before Thanksgiving.  Actually, I put it some in Mark's lunch everyday and throw the rest away.  I wish there was some place to take unwanted halloween candy so that the mom's didn't eat it all because the kids don't need that much sugar.

Hope everyone had a safe one...


Jen said...

Love the costumes (especially Pocahontas)!

Gardenia said...

haha. so true about mom eating the candy! I love the costumes. Ironman is real big this year, as is spirderman of course. and Lovelove the pocahontas !

Hannah said...

They are ADORABLE!! I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween either. Sophia is terrified of it.