Wednesday, November 2, 2011

goodbye october

Here in the mid-atlantic states we had snow over the weekend.  It was not much snow in our little area, most of the snow landed in the north east states.  We had just enough snow to play in and build some tiny snowmen.

The boys love to play in the snow, so they were super excited about it.  Me, not so much.  I stayed inside with Grace where the fire was warm.

I am homeroom mom in Luke's little kindergarten class and his Halloween party was Monday.  It was so fun to be in his class and see all the kids.  I love being homeroom mom.  It is something I have always wanted to do and am so glad that I have this opportunity.  Here are some pictures from his party.

The kids trick and treated with our same friends as last year.  This year John was the black Spiderman and John was the regular Spiderman (no surprise there) and their friend Joe was the guy from scream with fake blood in his mask (ewwww!).  Mark took the boys out around our neighborhood while Judy, Grace and I handed out candy.  Grace dressed as Ariel but I forgot to take her picture but it is the same costume as she wore here.

We are looking forward to the holidays that November and Christmas bring.  However, our weather can't make up it's mind.  Today it was 60 and the kids played outside without jackets. 


Blessed x3 said...

I have been helping with Noah's classroom parties. I miss his old school. I think helping when Noah was in Kindergarten was the best time of my life. I love how the kids are at that age. So fun, looks at everything so new.

noreen said...

The weather has been crazy around here too. We had a few flurries yesterday and today it's supposed to be in the 50's. That's what I get for living in the midwest! Love the costumes.