Thursday, June 5, 2014

luke's end of the year class picnic

Luke's amazing first grade teacher organized a class picnic to The Camp at the Old Mill, which is a sort-of local camp that provides ministry to children who have a parent incarcerated.  The work that they do is nothing short of amazing. The camp itself is so beautiful and peaceful.  This is the camp that John and Mark went to in April to do a local outreach mission trip to with our church (I mentioned his trip briefly here).


The day was spent looking for various items from nature, which we later turned into a craft.  We had an introduction to compass reading and orienteering which took us on a nature walk.  We spent some time canoeing down the river and then just playing on the playground.  We had a picnic lunch and finished our day about 5 minutes before torrential rains hit.

Here are some pictures from our canoe trip.  Luke couldn't decide if he was excited or not to canoe.  He has been kayaking before, so he kept switching his paddle from side to side.  Which meant I had to do the same thing or we would have hit the sides.  Actually we did hit the side, right after I took a picture of him.  So he said he was done and we turned around to come back.  He kept saying 'how do you swim in dirty water', because the river or creek or whatever it was was really brown and muddy.  I said, 'just like you swim in the pool but keep your mouth closed'.  Thankfully, we stayed in the canoe and didn't have to find out how to swim in dirty water...

I really am thankful that I get to participate by going on so many trips with the boys and their classes. It's so fun to experience these days with them.  I still remember my parents going on field trips with my classes in elementary school and that was a really long time ago, so hopefully I'm creating some memories with my boys that will last.

What was your favorite field trip as a child?


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