Wednesday, April 30, 2014

april on my phone...

I tend to take a lot of pictures on my phone.  For a lot of reasons.  Mainly because I always have my phone with me but it is also because the kids request that I take their picture.  A lot.  As I was looking through these pictures, I realized they told the story of our month as a family.  So here's what we have been up to during the month of April...

John's fourth grade class had a bowling field trip and he asked me to go! 
I really don't like bowling but I love that he asked me, so I went.

The boys in his class are so adorable.  They would 'fight' over who got to hand me my ball.
Also, the bumpers went down when the adults bowled so I didn't go very good.  John won
the first the game and had his highest score ever.  He then lost the 2nd game with the lowest
score, so it all worked out...

Our church recently completed a building project to expand the children's area.  Before they
carpeted this space, they gave all the kids a chance to write on the floor.  They were asked to
write scripture, songs or something from the bible.  My son drew a battle scene in which star wars guys defeated zombies.  When he was reminded that he was supposed to write something 
from the bible, he said 'it is in the bible.  It's the fight of good against evil.'  Gotta love it!

Our new family obsession is the game Life of George.  If you have kids into legos it is a great game 
that they can play using a smart phone or iPod.  But, be warned, its addicting...

For some reason, Grace loves to lay on the stairs.  Here she is having a conversation
with her doll June.

The boys made Easter crafts for their grandmothers.  It is a challenge to find crafts that they
like to do.  But I can always get them to paint.  And, I just realized, I never gave these to
their grandmothers (oops!).

Luke has been having some health challenges and so he had to have a minor outpatient
procedure a few weeks ago.  He looked so small in the hospital bed.

His doctor got behind schedule, so Luke had almost a two hour wait for his turn on the table.
He did really well waiting.  Morris the monkey has been through a few of these procedures
so he helped Luke with the waiting and to not be scared.  I'll admit, I cried when they
took him away - but only for a minute.  We just got the all clear and think things might be under
control with his health, thank God.

On half days the boys request that I take them to the mall.  Primarily because they love the
food court.  I'm not sure why, because they always get MCD and they can get that anywhere.
Here is one of the pictures they requested I take of them in their favorite place.

Here's another requested picture from our mall day.

We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday with an adults only dinner at a fun, local restaurant. 

You can never be sure who will turn up for homework time. I got to do math with a clone
trooper and read with Dark Vader...

John went on his first local missions trip with our church.  The 4th and 5th graders went to a
local camp to clean it up for their upcoming summer season.  It was during what was supposed
to be Spring Break but our kids didn't have off.  John had an awesome time.  We're hoping to
plant a desire for future mission trips in his heart.  We'd love to go back to
Guatemala in a few years and serve their birth country in some way as a family.

This is the boys idea of playing outside with their friends.  Just to be transparent, I 
do let them play on their devices with their friends but I limit it and they hate me for
it but I feel like I need to both allow them and limit them.

Sister had her nails done at school at a spa day event.  It looked so cute!  I have no
idea how they got her to sit still for a manicure.

Dressed to go out and play with the kids.  I love that he still loves Spiderman and isn't afraid 
dress up and be seen that way.

So that was the month of April on my phone.  It was fun and busy.  How was your month?


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