Wednesday, June 4, 2014

field day 2014...

One of the things I love about the school our boys go to is that it is a community.  They encourage parents, grandparents and friends to be involved in school activities and field day is like a big picnic, with people hanging out all day long.  The kids sign up for the events that they want to compete in and compete they do.  The races are competitive.  The kids know who is favored to win and who they need to beat.  And all the kids in the school are divided into four color teams, which compete for an over all winner.  It reminds me so much of field day at my little, local elementary school.  I used to love field day.  I still have a picture of my friend Jenny in our matching outfits winning the three-legged race for the third year in a row - we even beat out all the boys!

This year, John signed up to run the 400 meters (which was my race in high school) and he was going against Anthony the fasted boy in 4th grade.  He practiced at home.  He asked his friends to pray for him.  We talked strategy, don't go out too fast it's a 2 lap race so you want to have a 'kick' left at the end.  He really wanted to win or at least not embarrass himself by loosing too badly.  Only John and Anthony signed up to run this race, so he was assured a second place ribbon.  But he wanted to win.

At the last minute, life happened and I was only able to attend field day after lunch.  John was so disappointed with the thought that I would miss his big race.  But fortunately, when the schedule came out, we realized the 400 was after lunch.  He was SO happy to have me there.  He tried his best but Anthony really was better and all the strategy when out the window at the gun (which wasn't even a gun, it was two boards that were knocked together).  I was so proud of him for doing his best and going up to Anthony and congratulating him on his win.  Then he looked at me and said, 'at least I beat both girls'.  Yes you did baby!

Luke, my non-competitor, enjoyed participating in his events and did his best.  He wasn't sure he earned any ribbons and didn't really care.  So field day was a fun day for both boys!

Big hugs from his brother after his 400m race.

Luke before his relay race with his buddy D.

John running his leg of the 200 meter relay race.  The 4th and 5th grades ran against each other.  John's team was stacked with the 4 fastest from his class and they kicked butt.  They were so happy to win!

The winning relay team.


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