Wednesday, June 11, 2014

beach trip 2013...

{I realized that I wrote this post last summer but never posted it.  So here is a recap of our beach trip from last year.  I can't wait to go again this summer...}

Mark and I are beach people.  In fact, my dream has always been to live at the beach.  I sometimes regret that I never did this in college when I was able to do so.  Mark and I have always talked about retiring to the beach when he no longer has to work and the kids are grown.  Of course, now we talk about Mark, me, Grace and her care taker living at the beach together...

We have been going to the beach with Mark's family for our entire marriage.  We would rent a huge house in the Outer Banks and spend a week together.  This trip was awesome and the kids always had such a great time with their cousins.  Unfortunately, this tradition ended a few years ago due to cost and family schedules.  So the last time we went to the beach as a family was 2011 (you can see pictures here, here and here).  That was too long for me to be away from the beach!.  So when my parents invited us down to the house they rented in Bethany Beach, we jumped at the chance to go.  The last time we were at this beach was also in 2011 and I posted about it here and here.

We drove down to the beach on Sunday afternoon and as soon as we got there the kids wanted to go to the beach.  It was windy and cold but we were all so happy to be there.

The next day the boys got up early and couldn't wait to go to the ocean.  John and Luke did what kids do everywhere and made friends with another boy on the beach.  They then proceeded to have his parents bury them in the sand.  YUCK!

Sister did not want any part of being buried in the sand!

She did however, play in the sand and was quiet happy to be at the beach. 

It was a quick but awesome time at the beach.  Next year we are planning on going for a week.  I already miss the beach.  It is my happy place...


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