Tuesday, June 28, 2011

beach vacation 2011

Last week, Sunday to Sunday, we were in Nags Head, North Carolina.  We had an awesome time with Mark's four sister's, (most) of their kids and Mark's parents.  In total, there were 20 of us staying in one beach house.  One amazing beach house.  We loved it so much, it just suited everyone's needs so well, that we booked it for next year!

We stayed right on the beach and got to enjoy beautiful sunrises.  We had amazing weather.  It rained twice but both times were at night.   The kids loved playing in the sand and jumping waves. 

The house also has a pool.  Which made it easy for all the kids to play together.  Luke was able to take off his life vest and swim without it.  He also learned to swim under water, which is a huge accomplishment for him.  Grace also enjoyed some pool time.  She really liked watching the kids run and jump in the water.

We took almost 300 pictures last week.  So I'm sure I will post more from our vacation, now that I'm caught up on laundry and sleep.  It really was such a great vacation.  I'm so happy my kids have such a great time with their cousins. 


Gardenia said...

I know what you mean about taking so many pictures. what a lovely family-time vacation you had. I've never been to Nags Head but it looks beautiful!

Donna said...

Congratulations on having a wonderful family! The view from the beach house looks amazing! The kids sure had a great time. A vacation at the beach is my way of getting away from the noise and pollution of the city. A lot of wonderful things happen at the beach, and that's why every year, I spend at least a week at the beach with my family. So, which beach are you hitting this year's summer?

Donna Parsley