Thursday, April 25, 2013

play ball...

If it's spring it means baseball around our house.  John is playing in minor B this year, which is the U10 division of our local little league.  Which means they are playing using real baseball rules.  The boys are pretty used to most of the rules because of last year, so there isn't much to learn it just makes it more exciting. 

John was 'drafted' by the coach who coached him when he first played t-ball five years ago and is playing on the Phillies (which is pretty exciting since we live so close to the real Phillies baseball team).  We really like this coach and his demeanor with the boys. 

Here is my little slugger from his first season in 2009.  Oh be still my heart!

Here are some picture from his game last week.  It was a really nice sunny day and was a great night to be at the field.  Spring here can mean sunny and 70 at game time or overcast and 45.  So we were all happy to be warm last week.  I didn't get too many close up pictures because I was trying to watch Grace and Luke and pay attention to the game, but here are some of John batting and running the bases.

So far John's team is off to a good start and are 2-0 this season.  Because of John's age, we try not to emphasize winning too much and focus on the fun of playing the game, learning & growing, doing your best no matter the outcome of the game, the importance of being part of a team and the fine art of winning or loosing with grace and a humble attitude.  But truth be told, there are winners and there are losers in life.  And (also) because of John's age, these boys are keeping track of which team won, which teams lost and who they beat.  They are also talking to their friends on other teams about who won and who lost.  So as with everything in parenting, it is a balance.  We are hoping to balance John's innate desire to do his best and win every game with the life lessons that come with winning and loosing as a part of a team.  Thankfully, the loses seem to be easily shrugged off at this age and the fun of playing outweighs any bigger issues.



noreen said...

Oh yes, it brings out the competitiveness of the boys! John looks so cute in his uniform. He must be good if he was asked by a previous coach to join his team. You'll have a fun baseball season! God bless.

Hannah said...

I hope you guys have a great season! We're up to our necks in soccer, but it's so fun it's hard to complain :)