Friday, June 17, 2011

school's out {part 2}

Yesterday was John's last day of school.  He is now officially a 2nd grader.  We placed him in a multi-age classroom for 1st and 2nd grade.  So he will have the same awesome teacher next year and half of the kids will be the same as this year.  We are so pleased with the multi-age classroom approach. 

We were a bit rushed in the morning and I did not take pictures of John before school so I had him pose after school.  At first he didn't want too, but he's been trained well and brought out his cutest smiles.

The school year is finally over!  I'm so happy to have the kids home for the summer and to be on a more relaxed schedule.  Grace will be resuming school in 2 weeks for her school's extended school year program.  And speaking of Grace, her school ended last week also and I did not take any pictures - bad mommy.  I have some cute ones of her to post and may just call them last day of school pictures. 

Happy Weekend everyone!!

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