Thursday, June 16, 2011

school's out {part 1}

Last week Luke finished preschool.  He is now officially a Kindergartner.  It seems impossible, but it is true.  My baby boy is going to real school in the fall.  It makes me so sad.  But the good news is that it is just half days, so mama has another year before they are all in school full days.  And no, I'm not going back to work when that happens...

Here are the obligatory pictures by our front door before the last day of school.  

This picture cracks me up!  Mark has a terrible habit of having his eyes closed in almost all pictures of him outside - he has blue eyes and they are more sensitive to light (according to him).  For some reason, Luke's eyes were bothering him and so he was holding his head.  In the only picture of the two of them when Luke isn't holding his head like this, Mark has his eyes closed.

Me and my sweet boy.  

Here is a flashback to the first day of school.  They both grew and changed a lot this year.  And holy organization batman, I totally forgot that I made a sign for them to hold with the year they were starting.  So happy I did that!

Yay!  School's out for the summer!  We are headed out for ice cream to celebrate.


Jeanne said...

Such a cute idea!

It's actually true that blue eyes are more sensitive to light.

Gardenia said...

great photos. Love the posters too!