Thursday, May 5, 2011

new neighbors

For a few weeks we have heard noises at night.  We thought it was the neighbors making noise.  However, I was not able to catch up them during the day and did not want to go outside at night to see why they were making so much noise.  A few days ago, I looked and this is what I saw...

That's right.  We have a mama robin living outside our front window.  She built her nest on top of our shutters, right outside our door.  I have been trying for days to get a picture of her sitting on top of her nest but every time I open the door our security system beeps and it alerts her that we are coming out.  At least that is my theory.  Mark thinks she just sees the door open and flies away.  I like to think she is smart and can hear really well.

So I went into stealth mode the other day and was able to capture a few pictures of her sitting on her nest before she took off.  They are a little blurry but I was trying to shoot fast.

  After I got her picture, she flew into the yard and starting yelling to her husband.  Her mate.  I'm not sure if birds have husbands, so maybe it is her baby daddy she was yelling at.  But anyway, she was squawking up a storm at someone.

I really want to see inside her nest.  So I may have to put up a ladder and check it out this weekend.  I just don't want to get pecked in the eye by an angry baby daddy bird.  But we have not seen any signs of life, so I'd love to get a picture of the eggs before they hatch. 

I think it is really cool to have these birds living on our shutter.  The boys however, are not that interested.  Oh well, I like our new neighbors.


Gardenia said...

great photos!! it's hard to catch them in their nest with a camera handy. We have a robins nest every year in our front door wreath -- not sure if it is the same robin each year that builds it, but I rather doubt it. who knows, but I love it, and we get the ladder and take pics of the little blue eggs and the babies when they hatch. I hope you get some photos of the eggs and the babies when they hatch. Happy Mother's Day.

Lund7 said...

How fun...I would think your boys would be interested in what is in the nest! Any way, it's nice to see green grass and robins in the spring! Happy Mother's Day!

noreen said...

Hi Anne, your new neighbor is so sweet. It'll be more fun for your boys when they hear the little tweets from the baby birds after they hatch.