Monday, May 9, 2011

being a superhero is hard work

Luke is obsessed with Spiderman.  Which if you know us in real life, is an understatement!  He wants to be Spiderman when he grows up.  He is constantly webbing people, and much to his enjoyment many people web him back (usually high school boys but some grown men have done it too). 

On Friday, he went home from school with his friend Chase so I could take Grace to her feeding therapy appointment (which was canceled by the way).  He insisted on bringing his costume in his school bag so he could wear it at Chase's house.  In fact, he wore it the entire time he was there and kept it on at home. 

It is from 2 Halloween's ago and no longer fits.  The mask has been cut with scissors (I don't know why) and is ripping on the sides.  But he loves {LOVES} this costume.  He asked me if he could wear it to his wedding when he married Kate (a cute little blond from his gym class) (whom he has already asked to marry him).  I let him know that the decision about what he would wear on his wedding day was entirely up to whoever he married, but yes they did make Spiderman costumes for grown ups.  His preschool teacher wants to be invited to his wedding, just in case he really does wear his costume :)

Not long after I picked up Luke from Chases house, John came home from school.  Because it was Friday, I let him play his crack machine DSi.  Luke laid down next to John to watch him and promptly fell asleep!

I said to John, 'I guess Luke was tired'.  John looked at him, surprised to find out he was asleep and said 'Pretty much'.  Which is his favorite thing to say these days...


noreen said...

He makes an awesome spiderman and even spiderman does need his rest.

Anna said...

I am SO behind in reading your blog Anne, but have had a catch up on your news and hope that the feeding therapy does help Grace and that you will have the strength and patience for it as it does sound tough.

The boys in this last photo on your recent post made me smile with Luke asleep and John not fussed at all playing his DS:) Love the Spiderman costume.

And how amazing to have the little bird nest on your house...hope you might get to see some babies soon.

That parenting book sounds good and makes me think I should be training my kids to be a bit more independent with some things...I could imagine if I gave them free range of our snacks that they would eat them all in one day and never stop!!! My kids love food!!!:)

Take care,

Hannah said...

That is too cute! You're right a superhero does need his rest :)

Gardenia said...

you've got two darling boys. The spiderman obsession is too cute. sounds like how my daughter was with her tinkerbell costume.