Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{almost} wordless wednesday

This is my very favorite picture of John.  It has replaced an adorable picture I have of him from when we visited him in Guatemala during his seemingly unending adoption.  In that picture, he is sitting on the bed in the Westin Hotel and had just given us the first smile of our visit trip.  He was dressed to go to the pool and looked so cute and baby-ish. 

In this picture, he is dressed in his baseball uniform even though he was only going to practice.  He  asked for his picture to be taken and then posed this way so I could get a great shot of him.  I love his smile and his clear, bright eyes.  He is truly a beautiful person - inside and out.


Steph said...

ANNE! That's so crazy - I was asking Linzee about how YOU were recently as well!! How is grace? I miss her! Perhaps we can get together for a playdate sometime? I know you are probably a busy gal with those 3 kids - but if you are eve up for it let me know. I didn't know you blogged! I'll have to catch up on it - looking forward to reading more of your story. PS - very cute picture of John!

noreen said...

Hi Anne, what a handsome yet adorable son you have! Love his smile!

Gardenia said...

what a grat photo! can we see the other one too? :) oh I had some favorites when we were in process too.