Tuesday, April 5, 2011

baby love

On Sunday we had the privilege of watching Colin my newest nephew for a few hours.  It is hard to believe this little boy is almost 7 months old.  He is the most pleasant baby.  He was so happy the entire time he was here.  Of course, there is a lot of activity in our house.

Since he doesn't have older siblings, I don't think he was sure what to do with all the noises and the action.  But he sure loved it.  My kids loved having a baby in the house too.  John and Luke could not have been more adorable with Colin.  They doted on him and kept doing things to make him laugh.  I love baby belly laughs!!

It has been a long time since we had a wee one this size / age in our house.  I forgot how fun they are, it was pure heaven to sit and feed him a bottle.  I love snuggling babies and when they sink into you as you feed them I just melt. 

Due to Grace's delays we have TONS of baby toys and baby stuff still in the house.  I really need to go through it all and gift it to Colin or some of the other new babies I know.  But it was so convenient to be able to watch Colin and not need Patty to bring anything but his food and diapers.

We definitely want to watch Colin again!  I hope his parents let him come over to play again soon...

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