Tuesday, April 19, 2011

catch up post

Well, I'm still here.  I seem to have forgotten I had a blog to update for about two weeks now.  We have been busy with normal family and life stuff.  Nothing has really happened that kept me from my blog, I just didn't post. 

We are thick in the middle of the boys baseball seasons.  Well, we would be farther along in their seasons but we have had some REALLY rainy weather.  Like much of the country, we have been alternating between nice days and super rainy / cold days.  I guess it is Spring here.  And as they say 'April showers bring May flowers', so we should have some awesome flowers come May!

John has had his first game and his third game, with a whole bunch of practices rained out in between.  So here are some pictures from opening day, and John's first game.

John is always so serious right before he bats.  I think he might be a little nervous this year, because it is machine pitch.  Which means the balls are coming at him at 30 MPH, quite a change from hitting off the T or the coach pitching.

 In both his games he has gotten hits off the machine.  I'm so happy because the boys are so down when they strike out.  Again, such a change from T Ball.

As you can tell, I shot this through the fence from behind the batter.  Such a cute little batter he is!!

This is where Luke spends his time during John's games.  He just loves playing in the dirt and climbing on the trees.  And there are always a bunch of siblings there to play with.

On the few really nice days we have had, I have opened the windows to let in the fresh air.  Grace loves to stand right in the window and let the air blow on her face, it reminds me of a dog riding in a car with his head out the window.  She will stand there forever, and let the wind blow on her.

 Here is Luke during his second game.  He is getting better and seems to understand the game a little more. Although, he still likes to play when he is in the field and is often caught with his mitt on his head or flipping it into the air...

We have been practicing his hitting with him at home.  We bought better batter baseball for him and he really seems to be improving his hitting.  Luke is able to hit the ball really well during the games now. 

The kids are off school this week for Spring Break, it is really late this year due to Easter being so late.  We have lots of day things planned but no trips as a family.  Hopefully, I've planned enough outings and get-togethers to avoid the constant fighting that occurred this weekend!

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Would you mind if I used some of your baseball pictures for a youtube video?