Thursday, March 31, 2011

swiper, no swiping

I'm not sure how.  But somehow, Grace is able to tell exactly what toy is preferred by her brothers.  Which toys they love the most.  Then when they are not looking, she swipes them. 

She is extremely happy with herself when she gets the toy she wants.  Look at that smile!

In this case, Luke was passed out on the couch and Grace reached over and took it out of his hand while he slept. 

He fell asleep in the car yesterday while we ran errands and then stayed asleep when I brought him in the house.  Finally after two hours, I stood him up and he still didn't wake up.  So I did what any mom would do, I said, 'Grace has your spiderman doll toy' and that woke him right up.  Unfortunately, he was up till after 10PM because of his nap...


Gardenia said...

oh we love swiper in our house too. Very cute pics of Grace. We have the problem too of late nap equalling late bedtimes.

Anna said...

That is so funny! Grace looks so pleased with herself doesn't she?:) And Luke must've been so tired to sleep so long! My kids rarely fall asleep like that these days except maybe on long car rides.

And hope that the feeding therapy for Grace goes ok and that she will eat next the right time:)

Take care,