Tuesday, March 29, 2011

feeding therapy

Grace had her first feeding therapy appointment last Friday.  She didn't eat a thing during therapy.  Not one bite.  Little stinker!

Our goals are that Grace would; 1. learn to eat solid foods, 2. learn to feed herself and 3. learn to drink from a cup or a straw or any device that would get liquid into her mouth (did I mention that Grace does not drink ANY liquids, ever?  I feel thirsty just typing that).

We are positive that she CAN achieve all these goals and she CAN physically perform these tasks of self feeding, we just have to convince her that she wants to do it!  Thus the weekly feeding therapy that we started. 

I really like her therapist, Michelle.  She is very upbeat but practical and seems to have made a connection with Grace. 

As I said, she didn't eat anything, not one bite, during therapy.  And we tried everything - my girl is stubborn, she gets it from me! 

Even though she wouldn't eat, she participated in the songs, and activities that Michelle asked her to do.  She was so happy and pleasant the whole time.  She just wouldn't eat.  Until...

The session was over and I strapped her into her stroller.  Then she reached over for the sleeve of Ritz crackers (her favorite) and ate about 10 in seconds.  Michelle called her a 'little stinker!', I agree.


Donna said...

OHMYGOODNESS!! You so had me fooled! I was completely enjoying the precious photos of her and her beautiful, happy face..and thinking, aww, her therapist looks like so much fun! I thought her stubborness would last at least through two sessions! ;-) So proud of all she she (and you all) are accomplishing!

Continued prayers and hugs! Way to go, Grace! Can't wait til Nonnie sees this!

Nonnie said...

I just saw it and am jumping with joy - another hugh first step - go Grace - before you know it, she will be eating everything in sight. So happy, Anne, for this milestone - your faith is carrying you through. What a wonderful blessing "Faith" is - don't know how I would have made it through the last few years without it. Love to all and wishing you may new "milestones" to come.

Nonnie said...

that's supposed to be "many" new milestones to come.

Jeanne said...

Hooray for Grace!