Friday, April 1, 2011

it's no joke

April certainly came in like a Lion today!  We woke up today to snow.  It was just a little bit of snow and is now almost gone. 

Now we are hoping and praying that the rest of April is like a Lamb and that Spring weather will finally come to our area.

Luke has his first T-Ball game tomorrow and the coach said they may cancel the game due to the weather.  Which is just fine by me. 

Mark is not working so we have a bunch of {small} home projects on the list, lots of baseball (John has 2 practices and Luke's game) and just some general family time. 

Happy Weekend to all!


Kim & Dave said...

Ugg...there should NOT be snow in April!

I love your second pic!!

nora said...

I seriously can not tolerate any more snow - I think its finally left for good here, with only a few piles in the driveways, but I'm pretty sure that if we get more the whole state will go bonkers!

noreen said...

Hi Anne, we went to Wisconsin for a couple days over Spring Break and it snowed Friday morning for an hour or so and fortunately, melted. I agree, I'm so ready for the warm Spring weather!