Thursday, March 24, 2011

indoor picnic

The weather here has been crazy.  I know it has not been as crazy as some areas but, it snowed this morning.  It was just flurries but it was still snow.  I find that the kids and I are totally over winter so it is somewhat surprising to see snow. 

Luke is the only one I have on Tuesday and Thursdays, so we try and do something fun instead of just run errands.  Which I must admit I do a lot since it is so much easier to go grocery shopping with one than it is to have all three.  Today, he had an indoor picnic and got to watch TV while he ate.  Which is a BIG deal in our house since we never eat with the TV on.

Then we went to our local library's book sale.  Which was a huge success for me, in large part due to the fact that I ran into a friend who loves books and suggested many to me.  She is such a great source for books, that I did not even look at the books she gave me I just bought them.  I was so happy she ended up at the sale when I did.  And so are my boys.  They just love to be read too. 

Luke likes to pose his stuffed animals and then have me take pictures.  He said 'this one should go in a magazine because everyone would love to see a monkey taking care of a cat'.  Well, I don't know about a magazine but it sure is blog-worthy.  He asked me take this side too,

On another note, the retreat was wonderful.  It was a beautiful setting, right on the water and we had really warm weather on Friday.  Everything came together just the way we planned hoped prayed it would and it was amazing.  At one point, all 86 women were sent off in different directions to go through a Spiritual Solo booklet - basically a booklet that walks you through 2 hours of solitude with God.  Our small group later we discussed how awesome it must have been for God to look down on our little retreat center and see all of us earnestly seeking Him at the same time.  I came away refreshed, renewed and so happy for the love God shows me each and every day.  I can't wait to go on my next retreat!


Gardenia said...

thanks for sharing your retreat experience. I've got to make the time to do this for myself, and for my God. :) Lovely pics of your lil man. what a great day you both had.

Lora @ my blessed life said...

Indoor picnics are fun! And I love that quilt on your chair:)

Anna said...

Those photos are gorgeous and I love that photo of the toys from the back view:) So sweet.

And so happy to hear your retreat was worthwhile and refreshing. Its great to have those times of encouragement to give you that boost to keep on keeping on.

Have a great week,