Tuesday, February 8, 2011

those who live in ice houses...

The boys decided to build an igloo with all the snow we have gotten in the past few weeks.  They recruited their dad to help build it with them do it for them.  And as a result, we have an igloo in our backyard.  One that is just big enough for both boys to sit in.  As you can see, the snow is melting away in some parts of our yard but our igloo remains. 

Here is a picture of the boys in the igloo.  Which, much to their disappointment, does not have a fireplace or a bed.  They saw an igloo in a movie that they watched and now believe all igloos should have fireplaces.

It is amazing how much snow they eat!  I mean seriously, it is difficult to get a picture of them because one or the other is always eating the snow.

Once they got bored sitting in the igloo without a fireplace and had eaten enough snow from the sides of the igloo, they climbed on top and started jumping off the igloo.  Since that seemed a little unsafe, dad built them a slide off the back.

I'm thinking of starting a pool to guess how long the igloo would survive.  Anyone want in?


Melinda said...

That igloo looks super fun!! I'd be a bit disappointed if there wasn't a fireplace too! :-)

Anna said...

That is a great igloo!!! And it must be very solid and strong for them to climb on. You are having a very cold winter by the sounds of it!! Hope it lets up a bit soon for you.

I've been wondering how your visit went for Grace to the Feeding clinic? I hope you were able to get some help.

Take care,

Gardenia said...

that is some igloo! I can't say I've ever seen another igloo (other than in eskimo pictures) pretty ingenious idea of Daddy. I guess it will stay until March 2 !

noreen said...

Hi Anne, your backyard igloo looks very cool. I bet your boys spent hours playing in it and on it! We had a warm up today and it actually reached 50 degrees. Puddles everywhere. So my guess for the igloo's lifespan..Feb 25th.