Sunday, February 13, 2011

happy birthday john!!

Somehow, this boy turned seven this past week...

My sweet John,  You turned seven this past week.  SEVEN.  I'm not sure how it happened, because I'm pretty sure I asked you to stop growing up.  However, you did not listen to me and went ahead and turned seven.

You are such an amazing young man.  Everyone who comes into contact with you, tells me how wonderful you are.  All the teachers at school and at church, all the babysitters, all the grown ups you come into contact with they all say the same thing - that you are very nice and a good listener.  Which is super nice to hear as your mom.

Your big present this year was your DSi.  You begged for this for a whole year and finally your dad and I bought you one.  You ask to play it every day all day long, so we have had to put some limits on it.  We also bought you a bible for your birthday and you love to sit and read it daily.

This year you learned to read at school and we are SO proud of you.  You worked really hard and it has paid off, in the ability to read.  We tell you daily that the whole world is open to you now that you can read.  I'm so happy that you seem to have picked up my love of reading books.  You are also very good at math and love to be quizzed on your tables, something you did not get from me!

Your favorite colors are orange and blue.  You love to play with legos and action figures.  You love to draw and can copy almost anything from a picture.  When you grow up you told me you either want to be an artist or someone that kills people.  After I got up off the floor I asked you want that meant to you and you explained that you want to be a hero and save people.  Mom was really happy to hear that answer and I told you that you could be a hero to people without having to kill anyone.  You also want to be a dad and frequently tell me that you will live next door to me when you are married.  I'm sure your wife will be thrilled with that arrangement! 

You are such a great big brother to Luke and Grace.  They both love you so much.  You take really good care of both of them.  God certainly knew what he was doing making you the child leader of our family.  You have told me many times, that you will 'take care of Grace all the days of her life'.  That always brings a tear to my eye because it is so sweet of you.  Plus it is so true.  Your sister will always need you to take care of her.

God has blessed you with an amazing heart for other people.  You are kind, funny, smart, athletic and determined.  These gifts will take you very far in life.  We know that God has destined you for great things and we look with anticipation into the future, to see the man you will become. 

Opening presents on his birthday with Luke

Proof that Grace walks down the stairs at home by herself.  She won't do it at school (stinker!)

Reading a book to Gran (my mom)

When I asked John what he wanted for dinner on his birthday, he said for Gran and Grandad (my parents) to come to dinner.  So they did.  It was so fun having them over for dinner in the middle of the week.  Here's a picture of my dad.

Happy Birthday John.  Your dad and I love you more than you will ever know!


Melinda said...

Happy happy birthday John!! You sound like an incredible kid :-)

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome young man!

Gardenia said...

happy 7th birthday to John!!! what a lovely tribute to him.