Friday, February 4, 2011

random tid bits

This week has been a blur.  I can't believe it is already Friday again.  I'm thinking it is due to the fact that we keep having snow days and 2 hour delays - which is causing me to be very confused about which day it is.  And I'm over the snow, which is now frozen solid to the ground.  But fortunately, they are calling for us to have another storm this weekend YUK!

I am taking Grace to a Feeding Clinic appointment today.  I have been waiting 6 months for this appointment and am praying that we get some help.  She continues to primarily eat pureed foods that have to be fed to her - every single bite.  As I told some friends yesterday, I'd be happy to continue to make her pureed foods I just wish she would feed herself.  So, I'm hoping to get them to agree to take her on as a therapy patient.  Please pray that it goes well!

This is where I found Luke yesterday.

He likes to put his animals in the 'dry cleaner' and watch them spin around.  While they are in there, he talks to them.  It is so precious and funny.

Yes, my laundry room is a mess.  And yes it is ORANGE!  I had Mark paint it for me a few years ago.  I just needed some color.  Our house is beautiful but bland.  It is painted (very nicely) in muted colors and a tan palette.  So I said, if I have to go in here every day and do laundry - it might as well make me smile :)  I'm trying to talk him into painting our powder room this color!

I guess this will not be that random after all.  I can't seem to remember what else I was going to write about.  It may be because I gave up caffeine and haven't had any coffee for 9 days - not that I'm counting or anything.  Although, last night at a friend's house she used her Keurig to make coffee after dinner and now Mark and I feel very strongly that we NEED one.

Happy weekend to all!!


Melinda said...

I'll say a prayer that Grace's feeding appt goes well and they accept her as a patient. And how cute is Luke?! Love how he talks to his animals and waits for them. So precious!

Stay warm and safe!

nora said...

So hoping you all get good news or a plan from the feeding appointment! Cuddling up with warm stuffies from the dryer sounds lovely!

Have a great weekend!

Aileen said...

Love the pics of Luke looking in the dryer! I hope your feeding appointment goes well. And as for the orange laundry room, I love that too! Our office is burnt orange and I love that bright pop of color every time I step in there.

Kim & Dave said...

Ahhh....praying you get some help....That has to be hard. I have one that still would like me to feed her sometimes, & it's so time consuming!

Anna said...

Really hope the appointment went well for Grace and that you can get some help for her Anne.
And it looks SO cold where you are....endless snow!!!
And we are having a heatwave here where we are its the complete opposite.
Take care,

pureheaven said...

What beautiful kids!!!! I love the laundry story! I hope the feeding appointment goes well. Will say a prayer for Grace.

noreen said...

Hi Anne, your appt is now over from the feeding clinic so I hope it went well and she's their newest patient! You son is so cute! We're getting up to 4 inches of snow too in a day or so... we've barely made our roads driveable and here it comes again!