Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ice, ice baby

The kids are off school...again.  The storm of the century is being kind to our little neck of the woods, but we did get significant ice accumulation which caused our district to cancel school.  Today is yet another day of school that we will have to make up come June.  The boys are THRILLED to be off again.  Me, not so much.

I am over the snow and ice and actually winter in general now.  I am dreaming of sunny places and playing Jimmy Buffet loud.  Which makes for good dance party's in our kitchen!  It is fun to have the kids all home, but I'm over the snow...

Mark is off today and has taken the boys on some errands and then to Old MacDonald's as it is called in this house for lunch.  I am being given this time to blog get some work done.

Here are some random pictures from the past few days.  I may be over the snow but it does make me look like a much better photographer than I actually am.  It is such a great back drop for my pictures.

The boys played on their playset the other day for a long time.  I'm so glad we made the investment a few years ago and bought a bigger one than we thought we would need.  It really does get used all year round.  We are so fortunate to have found a great Amish family who custom built this house and swing set for the boys.

You never know what Luke will be dressed like.  Some days it is Spiderman, some days it is a dragon, and sometimes it's his birthday suit :)

They scaled the snow mountain in front of the fence and then would jump into the backyard off the top of the fence.  As I was taking video of it, I thought well at least I can show the Emergency Room exactly what caused the injury...

Grace in the car (I was at a stoplight) on her way to AI duPont Hospital for Children yesterday.  We had an Augmentive Communication Evaluation appointment for her.  I plan on posting a separate post about this appointment this week.  It was such a good appointment and totally gave me hope.  I can't wait to share about it.

Luke staged this fall and then asked me to take his picture.  I really think he has a future as a stunt man for the movies.

I love boys.  They exhaust me but I love them.  I told John to pretend to throw a snowball at me and these are their faces after he actually did throw it at me.  I don't think the Phillies will be recruiting him this year for his pitching arm, but come to think of it they don't need the help this year.

The rest of our day will be spent building forts, making cookies, reading and doing some Valentine's Day crafts.  I do love a snow day but I'm done with the snow for now...


Donna said...

You may be done, but we haven't gotten any!! So I am NOT done!! And holding out hope that we get some!

Your pictures are awesome!! LOVE all of their activity and abundance!

noreen said...

We are currently in the midst of a huge winter storm which seems to be more windy than hard snowing. Either way, the school called and my son is off for tomorrow. He is thrilled to have a snow day!

Great pictures of boys in action.