Wednesday, December 8, 2010

semi-wordless wednesday

I just wanted to say that we are still here.  This week has been very busy and gotten away from me.  And Grace is home from school with a cold (this is how she has gotten off the van every day this week).  Which is harder for her to deal with than typical soon to be 4 year olds.  For instance, she doesn't know how to blow her nose or wipe her face or clear her throat and she doesn't understand that the medicine we try to give her will help her feel better so she fights like a wild cat.  

But thankfully, it is just a cold and the humidifier humming all night soothes her to sleep.  We are home today enjoying being inside, snuggling, listening to Christmas music, baking and keeping warm.

Happy Hump-Day!!


Gardenia said...

Take care! we're fighting coughs here.

Anna said...

Oh poor sweet girl Anne...I hope Grace is feeling better soon as colds are miserable especially when you can't wipe your nose and clear your head yourself:(

Take care,

Hannah said...

I hope you guys are all feeling better soon!!