Wednesday, December 15, 2010

first annual gingerbread house competition

We got a gingerbread house making kit in a white elephant gift exchange.  The kit contained all the makings for two houses.  So we decided to make our family craft into a contest.  I mean who doesn't love a competition? 

So we divided into teams, Team A was Luke and I and Team B was John and Mark.  The whole worked fine in theory.  However, my helper ate half of our decorations and left without doing a thing. 

John and Mark refused to help me with my house foundation because it was a 'competition'.  But then they thought better of that strategy and helped me.

I think our houses turned out great!  And since there was no one to judge whose was better, the first annual gingerbread house competition ended in a draw!

And all were happy!!  It actually was fun to do, so there may be a second annual competition next year...


Gardenia said...

very adorable! love the coconut grass! and the santa and snowman.

Anna said...

Great work!! Sounds like loads of fun:)

I run our church Gingerbread house afternoon outreach event each year so I know all about love it!! If I have a choice between eating gingerbread and chocolate I have to say chocolate wins every time but the houses look so good don't they for Christmas:)


BC said...

Awesome! I kept telling myself I was going to make a g-bread house this year and it never happened. Put that on the list for next year. :)

Sounds fun!