Thursday, December 16, 2010

happiness is...

making and decorating sugar cookies!!!  On Sunday the boys and I cut out sugar cookies.  This is one of those traditions that I really looked forward to passing on to my children.  And I enjoy baking with them so much.  It is fun to see their skills develop each year.  John is getting really good at rolling out the dough and they both do a great job using the cookie cutters.

But the real magic is in the decorating. 

Why yes, there IS a cookie under all those sprinkles!  

And then the best part by far.  Eating your masterpiece - before dinner!!  Of course, we are also partial to the raw dough.  Which is why we will be making more sugar cookies this weekend!

Grace didn't help with the cookies, nor does she eat them.  But she was looking really cute that day and actually sat while we took a bunch of pictures!  She's so cute :)


Lund7 said...

Love the cookie with LOTS of sugar and sprinkles on it!! That's my kids idea of a good cookie!!

Gardenia said...

that's a real darling pic of you and Grace! and i had to chuckle out loud at the gingerbread man smothered in the sprinkles but i do see he has this buttons!! oh I love it. mu daughter and i will be making gingerbread man cookies this season -- but I'm going to have to go buy a rolling pin first!!