Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School {Part 2}

Yesterday was Grace's first day of school

She is on the same van as all last year and has the same teacher and aide at school

Grace had to be woken up for school and then wouldn't eat breakfast.  So these pictures were taken right before we had to leave to get John to the bus stop.

Then when we got home from getting John on the bus, we had 10 minutes before Grace's van came

So both John and Grace were gone by 8:05.  Luke and I just looked at each other like, what do we do now?  Our whole house has been fighting summer colds, so I planned on us just hanging out and didn't make plans for the day so we could rest.  We played a little, I let him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the computer (we don't have cable TV) and then we went to the grocery store.  On the way home at about 11:30 Luke asked if John would be home soon, then Grace and then finally daddy.  It was kind of funny that he was stuck with just me for the day.

Grace was asleep when her van got here to drop her off and was really exhausted all evening - Thank God she slept through the night.  John was tired too but seemed to be in a good mood.  I think it will take our family a few weeks to get into our school grove.  But so far, so good...


Gardenia said...

great photos. we are trying to get into our school groove too. It's been hard, actually, because Flower had a laid-back summer because we took her out of daycare/school, and her older cousin nannied her so she was able to get up when she pleased, and have one on one attention all summer, and now, we're still trying to get used to this new routine.

Hannah said...

Happy first day of school!! It amazes me how much Grace has grown in a single year.

Enjoy your alone time with Luke!

Donna said...

I'm with Hannah - except I think Grace grew from the last pictures to these! Wow!
LOVE her outfit. Poor little thing, staying so busy at school - didn't she fall asleep on the bus last year, too?
I can't imagine Luke going from a bro and sis to just having Mom for the day! It must hav eseemed so quiet to him! lol - or is that just my house?
And lastly, do I see a Superhero theme working on John? ;-)