Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family Camp

We started this summer by going to a Joni & Friends Family Retreat Week in the Poconos and ended our summer by going to a Young Life Family Camp in Lake Champion, NY.  And just so there is no misunderstanding (really this is for those of you who do not know me in real life) we did not go camping either time.  But rather were at a camp and spent our nights in cabins.  Actually, Grace and I got special accommodations because of her sleep issues.  It was pretty awesome to have our own apartment to stay in but I wish we could have bunked with all the other girls on our trip.

We went to the camp with four families from our small group and really just had an amazing time.  It was a beautiful property with a lake, a pool, a large hot tube, a zipline, a screamer swing (more on this later), frisbee golf course, and much, much more to enjoy.  I really wanted to get up at dawn and just sit by the water.  But with Grace and then Luke in my room, I settled for sleeping in till 8:00am :)

The kids had a blast!  We stayed up late being entertained by club and hanging out with friends.  It was really well organized and the kids were very well taken care of.

 Here is Mark and I on the zip line.  It was so much fun!  I have always wanted to do this and was so happy to have the chance.  I was scared when I got to the top of the ladder and looked down over the zip line but there was no turning back at that point. 

 You end up in the lake and it was awesome to be zipping along and then splash down!
I was so happy to be able to do it with Mark.  Immediately we both wanted to go again.

 I am not a lover of adventure or a thrill seeker.  In fact, most of my life I have played it safe.  But I decided that while at camp I would do as many of the adventures as I could.  So I signed up to do the screamer swing.  Not really knowing what it was but really, I should have known something was up with a name like that.  You essentially got into a harness and sat on a swing which you were then hooked up to with 2 other people.  They then pulled you back until you were almost horizontal with the ground and one of the 3 hit a release and you swung.  I'm not kidding, it was scary.  However, I didn't scream.  I couldn't breathe let alone scream.    Here we are before the swing goes up.

 After I got done, I said well 'I'm glad I went but it is not something I will do again'.

Well, I spoke too soon.  Luke wanted to go and wanted me to go with him, so I went again.  And he LOVED it.  We did not go all the way up, I had the guy take us up half way (which was still scary for me) and I think Luke was a little surprised when we fell initially.  But he really enjoyed doing it.  Me, not so much.

Our family has a blast!  We strengthened existing friendships, made new ones and were connected with people in only a way that God could design.  I'm so excited about going back next year...


The Raudenbush Family said...

Great pictures! So glad you all came and enjoyed your time as a family. Hope you were able to step back a bit from "normal life" and just enjoy being together, breathing deep what God has for you.

Anna said...

Looks like you all had such a great time and were very adventurous Anne! You were very brave doing all those things.
Love the photos and really glad you had a good time together.

Take care,