Thursday, June 10, 2010

Portfolio Party

I have been so pleased with John's kindergarten class this year.  It has been a great introduction to public school for our family.  I remember praying and praying that he would get a good teacher.  One that would help him navigate his first year in a 'big school' (John's school is just K through 2nd and there are over 1,000 kids, so it really is a BIG school), give him a start to the discipline that will be required in future school years, help him understand that learning is fun and nurture his gifts.  John's teacher has really done that and I have enjoyed working in his class this year seeing all the kids develop and grow. 

One day last week his teacher held a Portfolio Party which all the parents were invited to attend.  My husband was working so my mom came with me and it was such a fun time!  Each student got up in front of all the parents (and there were a lot of us there) and read / said a statement to us, "My favorite part of Kindergarten was ________________".  It was adorable. 

'My favorite part of Kindergarten was the trip to the Apple Orchard'

This boy has been trained well.  Because right after he finished reading his statement, he looked up and paused.  I was so happy to get a picture of him looking up :)

And one with his teacher

After each child read their card, the teacher played a slide show of their year.  I'm not sure why I teared up at this, but I tend to be sentimental.  Then the kids got their portfolio's to share with us.  It was amazing to see how far his writing, coloring and drawing has come in the past year.  The party ended with a make your own sundae bar.  Which means the kids used ice cream as an excuse to pile on as much candy, chocolate sauce and whipped cream as they could get away with.  Fun times!!!

John still has one week left of school due to snow make up days, which is such a bummer because both Grace and Luke are on summer vacation.  I am really looking forward to having a more relaxed schedule in the summer and having the kids home.


Hannah said...

What a cool program. I would have teared up at the slide show too :)

Anna said...

Its wonderful to hear John's first year at school has gone so well. That is a great idea to have a Portfolio party.
We have felt a bit the same as we have put Sarah into Public school here and so far we have been really pleased with it. I think for secondary school we will think about private though.
And that is a very big school Anne. I think Sarah's school in total (K-year 6)is just over 200!
Hoping you can all enjoy your summer break once John has finished.
Take care,

Gardenia said...

that's a wonderful idea your teacher had. oh the slide show would've made me cry too I imagine! what a big little man he is!