Friday, June 18, 2010

Grace's Last Day of School

I'm going to try and catch up today by doing a few posts of recent events so I'll start with, Grace's last day of school.  She finished up her regular school year last week and then has a 2 week break and will be attending summer session starting the last week of June.  Here are some pictures of her on her last day of school.

She looks really happy in this picture but all the other pictures of her with me or Mark, she has tears in her eyes.  

It is really hard to get Grace to stand still for pictures since she is such a good walker now...

And off she goes :)

She has had a lot of fun this week being home with her brothers and going to the pool.


Gardenia said...

she's getting to be tall!! what a happy face in the first pic. That's nice she is et up for summer class. she will have fun with her brothers this summer too.

Hannah said...

What a difference from the first day of school! She has grown in so many ways :) Adorable!