Friday, June 18, 2010

Field Day Fun!

John's school had Field Day last week.  I was so happy that I was able to go and be one of the volunteers to help with it.  Field Day has changed a great deal since I went to elementary school.  When I competed in Field Day it was actually a competition and ribbons were awarded for all the events.  The kids would compete all day (well, it felt like it back then but it may have just been for a few hours) and then all the parents would come and watch the Ribbon Ceremony.  It was such fun!  Nowadays, Field Day is just an excuse to get the kids (and volunteer parents) out in the hot sun for a few hours to run around the last week of school.  I still think it is fun!  Anyway, here are some pictures from John's first Field Day.

Here he is before leaving for school.  They had all the Kindergartener's dress in their tie-dye shirts and all the other kids dressed in their color family.

They had all the kids run in under this tent and all the volunteers clapped and cheered for them.  John said he didn't even see me, but thankfully he was on my side and I got a picture of him running past.

John's school is just for K - 2nd grade and there are over 1,000 kids in it.  So there were hundred's of kids out on the field play and running.

I got to work a booth that involved the kids running and kicking a soccer ball through a goal and then back to their teammates.  John loves soccer and is really excited that I signed him up to play in the fall.  Now if he could just figure out when fall started :)

One of the other events involved passing a sponge full of water over your head to the person behind you and they then passed the sponge under their legs.  It was really an excuse for the kids to cool off and have a lot of fun.  I snuck away from my post and took some pictures of John and his classmates.

As you can tell by that smile, John had such a great time at Field Day!  And it was so fun to be there.


Gardenia said...

what a fun day you all had!

Anna said...

I love their t-shirts...they look great!
And John looks like he had a wonderful day.
Sarah just had hers last Friday:) Must be the time of year though its winter here and summer for you:)


Hannah said...

What a fun day! You can tell how proud he is by that smile :)

LOVE the shirt too, what a great idea!