Monday, June 21, 2010

Last Day of Kindergarten...

John finished up Kindergarten last Friday.  Which means we now have a First Grader in our family.  He was so excited all week.  But I could see some hesitancy starting to build as the week went on.  John (much like his mama) struggles with change.  Sometimes even the best changes, seem daunting and scary and way to big to digest.  So we focused on the fun we were going to have over the summer and the fact that he would now have LOTS of time to be with his friends in the neighborhood and we would spend a lot of time at the pool.  So the fact that he wasn't going to school anymore was good because now we could have FUN. 

He seems to have bought into the idea of summer vacation being fun and put aside his fears or concerns about starting first grade for now.  I think one thing that helped was he rode home on the bus with his friend Joe after school on Friday (a half day of half day Kindergarten) and had so much fun he got a little teary eyed when I picked him up.  We had a busy but fun filled weekend and now we are off to a Family Camp in the Poconos for family's affected by disability.  It is a Christian based camp and our lead Pastor is  going to be there with his family acting as camp Pastor for the week.  I am really excited and should be packing the car...

Here is John eating breakfast before school, I bought him powdered sugar donuts and he was SO happy :)

Here he is getting on the bus for the last time as a Kindergartener.  I did not get the typical pictures by the front door or with his parents because Luke had a friend over and John panicked that he might miss the bus because it was going to be picking him up early (we had to wait a 1/2 hour at the bus stop in the hot sun!).  So here he is walking up to the bus.

And here he is waving from the front of the bus.  I had the bus driver call him back to the top of the steps so I could capture this picture.  I'm so glad he is not yet embarassed by that kind of thing :)

And with that, I am almost caught up with the goings on here.  I hope to do better once we get back but I think I may just have to admit that I will always be a little behind on our on- line scrapbook / family blog.


Gardenia said...

cibgrats to John (and his momma!). the poconos camp sounds good -- good luck and have fun.

Donna said...

Agh! He is such a handsome little man!! First grade!?! Noooo!

Hope he's adjusted to summer! I've been so busy myself - I've "missed" all my blogger friends!!

Hannah said...

I still cry at the end of each school year.

I hope he has a great summer and is ready for 1st grade fun in the fall :)