Friday, May 21, 2010

My special girl

I have a random update post that I'm working on.  But today is too nice of a day here for me to spend too much time on the computer.  I'm really glad for the nice weather, since during the beginning of the week it felt like November here and we had our heat on.

I just love taking pictures of Grace.  It is so, so amazing to see her personality develop and come out more and more in pictures.  So here are some of my favorite recent ones of my special girl.  I love how she is actually looking at me and laughing in most of these.  And the one with her brushing her hair out of her eyes, it is priceless to me.  Since it is such a little girl thing to do and something she just recently started doing - just one more piece of evidence that my special girl is progressing and developing.

 I'm linking up to Hannah's FFF blog post, so you can check out some awesome posts and pictures of friendship here.  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


Gardenia said...

yes, you can definitely tell she is responding very well. looking right at you, smiling big. what a little dollsie girl she is!!

Donna said...

WOW!! Big difference, Anne!

Grace - you are just one amazing little girl! Not to mention beathtakingly beautiful!!

Anna said...

What beautiful photos Anne.
Grace is such a sweetie and you're right that photo is priceless of her brushing her hair away. She's certainly growing up and wonderful to hear she's doing well.

Glad you're getting some warmer weather at last:) Our temps are gradually dropping.

Take care,

Hannah said...

She is so unbelievably beautiful. I'm so thrilled for your family that she is progressing so well. :)

Lund7 said...

What great pictures of your sweet little girl! Sometimes even those small little steps toward progress make such a difference! Hope you had a great holiday weekend!