Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our week has been a little upside down

Grace has not been feeling well all week.  She has a runny nose and because she doesn't know how to blow her nose or even clear her throat, everything just runs down.  So she also has a cough, which sounds like she spent the past 30 years smoking 2 packs a day.  As a result of her cold, she has been home with me and her brothers all week.

It has been rainy and cold here all week.  Cold enough for the heat to be on constantly!  And last night about 9:00 PM we lost power for an hour, and then again at about 3:35 AM.  The reason that I know it was 3:35 AM is that John came running out of his room, down the hall and BURST into our room to let us know his room was dark. very. dark.  John did not go back to sleep.  Mark did not go back to sleep.  Anne did not go back to sleep.  Luke never woke up.  Grace never woke up.  In fact, Grace woke up at 9:45AM for the day.  And seemed to be feeling better, but she still has a runny nose and smokers cough.

So our days this week have been a little upside down.  A lot of mommy hugs and holding of crying children.  A lot of indoor play for two very playful boys and one tired mommy.  A lot of trying to entice Grace to eat something, anything.  And a lot of time spent praying.  For our days, for our health, for our patience (okay for my patience), for our sister and for the sun to come back out...

This is how I found Grace and John this morning at 11:00.

I guess she feels that brothers make good pillows :)


Anna said...

Oh so sorry Grace has been sick and its been so cold for you all. Praying you'll all get through it and Grace will be better soon!

I love the photos of Grace and John- so cute!

Take care,

Gardenia said...

I do hope you all start feeling a little better. the rain here has messed with our sinuses too, and we are all feeling a little dragged down. hoping for a sunny weekend to brighten our spirits.