Sunday, June 6, 2010

Luke's Last day of Preschool

Luke's last day of preschool was the other day.  Actually, it was two weeks ago but I'm so far behind on posting and downloading pictures that saying it was the other day makes me feel better.  We take traditional 1st day and last day pictures - meaning, I have them stand on the front porch and get a picture in the same spot every year. 

So here is Luke's first day of school picture

And his last day of school pictures

Picture with mybrudderJohnnie as Luke calls John

With Daddy

And with Mommy

Grace was already at school for the day by the time that Luke got up and ready to go to his last day so there are no pictures with mybrudderGrace as Luke calls his sister :)  Luke attends a small Nazarene Academy close to our house and we really like the education, spiritual teaching and the family atmosphere of the school.  On the last day of school they had a presentation in which the kids sangs songs and acted out stories.  It was really cute, but I didn't really get any good pictures inside the church. 

We were so happy that my parents could come and see Luke's program.  Here is a picture of them with Luke after his show.

And finally, a picture of my princess with her Dad.  I just love {LOVE} this picture.  I think Grace looks like such a big girl and it is super sweet to me how Mark is looking down at her, as if they were sharing a secret.  Of course it is no secret, she has daddy wrapped around her finger (as all princesses do!)


Gardenia said...

what a big day for Luke and you all. congrats to him. you can see a difference from first day to last day. he seems bigger and confident! it's so wonderful to have grandparents in the kiddos' lives I'm sure. and Your other two children are growing as well.

nora said...

Love that last picture. And I think its indemic to all daddies and little girls - my three have their dad up a tree at this point, I think!

Happy summer!

Anna said...

Congratulations to Luke on his last day at Preschool!
And love all the photos too:)

Good to hear all is well.

Take care,


Hannah said...

What a big boy! We do the first and last day pictures too...It's always so shocking to see how much they change in a school year!

I am also running about two weeks behind. I'll keep you company in the late club!