Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break Part 2

Since the Spring weather continued on Thursday, I took the kids to a local park to play.  Being as I was NOT the only mother to have this idea, it was really crowded!  But good thing for us, this park has a small creek nearby.  So I let the boys play with sticks in the water.  As you can see, they LOVED it.

Grace on the other hand, did not enjoy herself and kept trying to get back into her stroller :)

Since it was really windy, we only stayed for a little over an hour and then we went to Old McDonalds for lunch.  I think it is so cute when Luke calls McDonald's that, so I don't correct him.  Since they were all muddy and Grace doesn't eat un-pureed foods, we went through the drive through.  Where against my better judgment, I shelled out $7.40 for 2 happy meals.  Which really means that I paid $7.40 for 2 plastic dragon toys from some movie we have not heard of, nor will we ever see!  Oh well, it sure was cheaper than taking them on vacation and both boys declared that THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!  I don't know where they get their flair for the dramatic {smile} but I hope that Happy Meals will continue to elicit that response for a few more years.


Gardenia said...

it's the simple things that really make a child's day, and stick in their memories forever. like putting sticks in a muddy creek, or, like my daughter, playing at the sink for about an hour. simple things, simple happiness. Happy Easter.

Anna said...

'Old MacDonald's'...that is so cute!!:)
And it has the same effect on my 2 girls too:) They don't really care what the toy is...its more the novelty of the whole thing. I'm sure it costs us more here in oz for 2 happy meals. That sounds cheap.
The boys look like they were having a great time and that is a cute pic of Grace making a 'bee-line' back to her stroller:)

Take care and see you in 2 weeks when we are back from our break.