Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break Post 1

All this week we have been on Spring Break and as I result I purposefully did not spend too much time on the computer.  I am trying to  be more intentional in my time with the kids.  I find that when I'm fully present and fully participating, things tend to go a whole lot smoother at my house!

The first two days of our Spring Break it was rainy and cold.  Which lead to lots of indoor play and videos being watched.  While I'm not opposed to my kids watching videos, I was disappointed in the amount of time spent that way and the fact that they chose to watch a video over any other activity.  So, I put a little more structure around our indoor time the rest of the week and don't you know, we still have 3 kids that live here, I mean we had a lot more fun!

I have been considering Homeschooling our kids.  It is a major decision that I am really struggling with and I am not getting a clear direction on from my prayers.  We have many great and positive reasons for considering homeschooling but I am still reluctant to make the final decision to do so.  But in any event, there are several homeschooling mom blogs that I stalk and get a bunch of great ideas from.  We used many activities this week from these blogs,

Confessions of a Homeschooler, this blog is packed with great printables and other activities that you can do with kids of all ages.
1+1+1=1, this blog is authored by Carisa and she has a lot of great printables too, resources and links to other awesome blogs.
Home Grown Hearts, I got a lot of the Easter activities that we did this week from this blog.  It is another great resource for printables and ideas.

The sun finally came out on Wednesday and we were able to go to our friend's house and play.  We met these friends through our church and the fact that Luke and Peter are in the same preschool class.  Colleen, the mom, is so sweet and easy to talk to that I feel like I have known her for years instead of just months.  Their home is so welcoming and fun.  In getting to know them we discovered that not only are our children all adopted but their daughter and John are the same age.  They live on a 3 acre farmette not to far from our house and have cats (4), dogs (2), chickens (6), baby chicks (a lot) and ducks (6 or 7 I couldn't get a good count because the kids were chasing them!).  They also have a pond, a stream and a great big yard with a play set and many swings.  My boys were in heaven.  Grace loved it too although it was pretty windy and muddy for her.

Here are some pictures from our time at our friends house.

Wow, I haven't posted in so long I didn't realize that there was a whole new way to post pictures.  It is so much easier and the pictures go where you want them to go.  I'm going to do another post of the rest of our Spring Break...

To see more FFF posts and photos, go to Hannah's blog here.


Gardenia said...

yes, that's a hard decision. I'm sure God will lead you in the answer your children and you will benefit from. I too love reading the homeschooling blogs. I read the first two you osted about. and some others too. I would love to homeschool my daughter, but I work so, that would be tough. great pictures. happy blessed Easter, Anne

Nonnie said...

Hi, Anne - popped over here to wish you and your family a happy, wonderful Easter and to see how you and the kids are doing. Tell Grace I love her, too and am elated at all the new things she is accomplishing. God IS good. Take care - hope to see you all again one day.

Melinda said...

Although Crista is only 3, I'm also struggling with whether or not to homeschool. I'll be anxious to hear your decision :-)

The farmette sounds amazing! Don't you love when the Lord sends amazing friends your way! Such a blessing!

Boys R Us said...

Love the pictures from your play date. My son is not quite 2 and I'm already trying to decide if we will send him to school or homeschool him. It's a big decision.

Hannah said...

I home school but to be honest I went into it kicking and screaming. I felt that tug and questioned it for years but I did not want to do it. I already had SO much on my plate. I have to say...I am so glad I did do it. We are even closer now and happier. It's weird because it's hard but it's good.

Please don't take this as a "you should home school" comment because that is a decision that only you and your family can make. I'll keep you guys in my prayers for clarity and to help you know what HIS will is.

Kim & Dave said...

I second all that Hannah said.

I know for us, something that freed me up to make a decision was the idea that we could make the decision for each new year. Each year we re-evaluate. So far, that has kept me from feeling overwhelmed!

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing all those great photos and sounds like you've been able to have some great time with the kids. We are about to go away for 2 weeks so am hoping that will be a good chance to spend some fun time with them without all the other pressures.

Will pray you'll know the right way to go about homeschooling or not.

Wishing you all a meaningful and happy Easter too:)

Take care and God Bless,