Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Post!!!

We had a great and low key Easter celebration this year.  My parents are away on vacation, my younger sister went to the beach with her husband and friends and my older sister went to her husband's family's house.  So it was just the five of us, plus our friend "Uncle Tad". 

In the days leading up to Easter, the boys were talking WAY too much about the Easter bunny (which doesn't even come to our house, I tell them that we hide their eggs) and not enough about Jesus and his death and resurrection.   So we went through the bible story using Resurrection Eggs, I have no pictures because these things tend not to go as well in real life as I think they will or as they do in my head.  And I started randomly asking them "Luke or John, who died on the cross?"  and then when he said Jesus, I would ask, "why did He die?".  There were many answers from 'because the nails made all His bleed come out" and 'because Spiderman webbed Him'.  But we quickly got to the real answers, 'Because He loved us and He died to take away our sins'.  One interesting development from this was that Luke would randomly ask complete strangers 'who died on the cross?', it was hilarious to watch them realize what he was asking and then try and answer him.

On Saturday the boys dyed their Easter eggs.

I'm not sure why Luke had to get this close to the dye as it was 'working' 

John telling Luke what to do and Luke posing for the picture

He does stuff like this just to 'bother' his brother, who was yelling 'no, Luke don't eat it' the whole time.  Luke just laughs when he tricks John like that...

Handsome Face!

The finished product (we only did 6 because I'm the only one who eats hard-boiled eggs and I can only eat so many before I'm sick of eggs)

On Sunday, John woke the whole house up at 6:30 in anticipation of the Easter Egg Hunt.  He was so excited to find the eggs and his Easter basket. We hid 7 eggs for each of the boys.  Luke kept stopping each time he would find an egg and he would open it to eat all the candy.  John on the other hand had to find all of his eggs before he would stop and eat the candy.  I just love how their personalities are SO very different but they get along so well anyway.

 Here they are waiting for mommy to get her coffee

 Some more waiting, because the creamer was in the garage fridge and I forgot to turn off the security system and then forgot the code because they started screaming like wild banshees!

Stopping to play with Grace's Easter basket, which was not hidden

Comparing their loot!

We then got all dressed up for Easter and went to service.  I completely forgot to take a picture of all of us dressed up before service because even though we were up hours before we needed to,we ended up leaving late.  And when we got home, it was a mad dash to change into shorts because the weather was so nice.  For the record, I have no pictures of us dressed up for Easter.  Which is kind of funny because I take pictures of everything.  Oh well, there is always next year.

I hope everyone had a great Easter and was able to remember that Jesus died on the cross for YOU.


Lund7 said...

Great pictures. I had to laugh at your comment about doing only 6 colored eggs! We did that too as I am the only one who eat them! My kids like to try to crack each others but then won't eat the egg!

I agree that kids talk too much about Santa, Easter Bunny, etc...and lose the true meaning of these holidays. My kids are so guilty of this! Great idea to read them the story. We do the Resurrection Eggs to tell the story for 12 days leading up to Easter.

Beautiful pictures of your adorable kids!!

Donna said...

Ohmygosh! I just adore your family and YOU! What a great post!

We, too talked about the real reason for Easter and when they started telling us about how Jesus died and was "rezur-a-ec-aq-tted" for US! Logan immediately insisted that it was time for Chubby to be "rezur-a-ec-ag-tted" ;-(

You score major points for doing the dye! I cop out and leave that activity for our church's Easter Egg hunt. I'm just too wimpy! lol

COuld their faces be anymore stinkin' CUTE! I LOVE it! Love the fact that you and I apparently both have the "the day hasn't officially begun until Momma's had her coffee!"

(And. P.S> We also occassionally visit our local Old McDonalds as well!)

Hugs, love and HUGE EAster Blessings to you and your family!

Hannah said...

We don't do the Easter bunny either. I try to keep Easter and Christmas about Christ. Most people think we are nuts and my in laws told me I ruined their lives because of it :)

Sophia understood a little bit about Easter this year but her main comment has been that Jesus is in heaven with Alberta....which is my mom's cat that died this fall. :)

Gardenia said...

It sure is hard teaching our children about the true meaning of Christian holidays, when all the commercialism is staring them down everywhere they look. the "bleed" made me chuckle, becuase my daughter is also very concerned about blood which she calls "bleed." we too failed to get pictures of our Eater finery before or after Mass. sigh . . .