Friday, March 5, 2010

FFF - We are Brothers

This week's FFF theme is We are Family over at Hannah's blog. But I thought I would post some recent pictures of my boys. They are best friends and really just love being together. Well, in the interest of keeping it real, they do fight and bicker but I think that is part of developing a strong sibling relationship. This is the relationship that I prayed for when we made the decision to adopt them so that they were 2 years apart. I have 2 sisters, one is 2 1/2 years older and the other is 2 1/2 years younger and I truly count them as 2 of my best friends. So it makes me so happy to see John and Luke developing the same bonds of brotherhood that my sisters and I share. (BTW, I tried some photo editing on these pictures. I changed the top one to black and white which I think worked out well. And the bottom one I did something with the saturation and cropped the picture. Does it look weird or like they are floating?)

And because no post of mine is complete without pictures of little miss thing. Here are a few of Grace doing what she does best now, which is wrecking the joint. My little girl has gone from lump of Grace (where she sat and did NOTHING for hours) to a whirlwind of activity and we never know what she is getting into or where she is. It is truly a blessing to see her make a mess.

First likes to take a pillow off our couch and walk around carrying it

Then she throws the pillow on the ground and falls on top of it.

I like this one because it looks like she is posing for the camera...

To see more FFF, go to Hannah's blog here. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. We are expecting temperatures in the 50's and I am really looking forward to all the snow melting. However, melting snow just creates mud puddles. Which are magnets for boys!


Gardenia said...

nice photo editing. I do like the seond yellow background photo. It looks like they have halos around them. ha. really, it's oool. and my daughter does that thing with the couch pillow too. drags it around, then falls onto it. thanks for the bible books suggestions. I will check thm out today.

Melinda said...

I think you did a nice job on the photo editing!! The picture of your boys shows a strong bond. Its so neat to watch siblings interact and bond! Makes a Mama proud!!

Hannah said...

Your boys are adorable together! I also think you did a great job processing the picture, it doesn't look like they are floating at all.

I love that Grace is turning into a little whirlwind of activity! So wonderful!

Kim & Dave said...

Anne-I know what you mean about praying for a bond between siblings! Our oldest is 5 years older that her sister! I really didn't want them that far apart, but God had other plans. I still pray that they will be the best of friends, because I am best friends with my sisters-to this day!

And Grace-her eyes are just stunning! Even if she wasn't really posing for the camera!

Tina said...

I think you did awesome with your photo edits! I also find myself stumbling through my editing programs sometimes wondering Wow! how did I do that :) I'm Tina by the way. Thanks for all the bloggy tips. I too am struggling with finding a new look with my blog. And your new signature post was very helpful. I am going to try it right now!