Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Signature and Swagbucks

Look what I learned to do!

I followed the super simple directions found on this post, by Becca at Blue Cricket Designs and added a custom signature to my blog. It was really easy, did not take very long and I had over 100 signature suggestions to pick from. I really want a complete, professional blog make over. But since I'm not spending any money during Lent, I thought I'd see if I could update my blog myself. I have a couple of other things I want to do based on this post by Steph at Somewhat Simple. Steph and Becca are SIL's and I really enjoy reading their blogs. And I am so happy that they provided these super easy instructions for changes to my blog.

I also changed my blog background AGAIN. I think I keep doing this since I am unable to make any major changes in my home decor right now! I hope all this changing of backgrounds isn't annoying to anyone.

I also added a Swagbucks Widget to the bottom of my blog. If you are not familiar with Swagbucks it is a search engine that awards you points for searching the internet (I use it instead of Google). You can then redeem these points for prizes. I use mine for Amazon e-gift cards (450 points equals $5 at Amazon), although there are a lot of retailers including Starbucks that you can earn gift cards towards. You can also earn points if people sign up using your referral link. If you click on the sign up button you will be signed up via my link and I will get points too for your searches. Anyway, it is one way that I am planning on paying for Christmas next year. I already have $20 in Amazon gift cards in my account. I just thought I would pass this along since I have found it to be a really easy way to 'earn' some extra money.


Gardenia said...

I love your new blog layout and signature. very nice, and Spring looking. I'll have to check out that link and do some experimenting.

Amanda said...

Your background looks fantastic!! I love it. ANd Good for you for sticking to your Lent goals!