Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I can't stop thinking about...

There are a few things lately that I can't stop thinking about. Truly, I can.not.get.them.off.my. mind. So I thought I would share them with you!

1. This song. The Candian Tenors, performed their song Hallelujah on the Oprah show recently and Celine Dion (who is one of their hero's) surprised them and came out during the performance to sing with them. Their voices are amazing and I can't stop watching the video clip. I just love the guitar player's surprise. You can check it out here *, it is on You Tube but I can't figure out how to put the video clip in my blog (which should be no surprise, since I deleted my first blog).

* Okay - I took the link out because it didn't work. Here is a link to the blog that I saw the video clip on. This link should take you right to the song video. Please watch it if you get a chance it is great.

2. This post. I have been reading a blog called Kisses from Katie for a few months now. I'm not sure how I found this girl's blog but it is powerful stuff. This post is amazing and so true, not to mention convicting! I have read this post many times over the past week.

3. These cookies.

I ordered these cookies from Amanda, i am baker, they were SO good. I literally woke up one night and thought about going downstairs and having a cookie. Which is so out of character for me because I usually crave salty not sweet. Once I decided not to go eat one, I thought about hiding them from the kids so that I could eat them without sharing. I told Mark I think she put crack in them because I am addicted to her cookies. I'm afraid to make a batch because I already have to do Jillian's Shred video twice a day just to recover from the first batch of cookies!! Amanda is a great baker and a really sweet person.

Okay, let me know what you think!


Donna said...

Hi sweetie!! It's been so long since I've been to your blog. I have enjoyed catching up on all of your posts - and pictures! Great snow pictures! And wonderful v-day posts.

Thanks for saying prayers for us, I passed a hug onto Nonnie for ya. We both still feel like we're in a fog. It will take a long time to heal this wound.

I am off to follow your links in the last post - take care and give a round of hugs to your familia.

Amanda said...

:( Looks like they got a bit schmooshed. I am sorry. I hope the kids liked them... did they play with the puzzle ones at all???

I did the Schred for 30 days.. its was AWFUL! And wonderful.:)

Good luck!


Hannah said...

I read that post yesterday and it really touched my heart too. I thought about it all day yesterday. Such a servant of the Lord.

I think those cookies look amazing! She is very talented!!

Anonymous said...

I just clicked over to your blog from a your link left on my blog. I'm not sure if it was you or a reader however after reading this post, I'm pretty sure we should be friends. :)

I'm fairly certain I am turning into a Canadian Tenor's stalker after seeing them on Oprah.. WOW!!! That may be my very favorite tv moment ever!

I laughed out loud when I read you deleted your first blog. That is funny!!! I think "I am baker" rocks and Jillian Micheals kicks my butt in the Shred too.

LOVE the kisses from Kate link. She definetly makes you look deeper into your own walk with Christ.

Great blog you have!

Cheryl (FTC) said...

Every time I read Katie's blog I have a renewed faith and belief in life......Thank you for reminding me about it all.....Blessings to you always...Cheryl

Anna said...

Thanks for a great post Anne...I love the cookies and that music clip is amazing!! I love that song and they do all sing it so well.

And just finished reading that blog post and definitely powerful stuff and convicting! Thanks for passing on the link.


Gardenia said...

I love reading Katie's blog, too. she is an inspiration and a real servant of God, as Hannah says. Love those cookies.

Wendy said...

I shred once a day... can't imagine twice... but those cookies look like they might be worth it :) Thanks for staying in touch! Thanks for the inspiration and hope you are giving through your life. You are special!